Worldwide Entertainment Consultants (WEC) is a collective with access to the most in-demand talent in music.  We present opportunities for the artists to extend their brand abroad, from MERCHANDISING, PERFORMANCES, APPEARANCES and TELEVISED PROFILE pieces exclusive to the INTERNATIONAL MARKET.

We have consultants with solid connections and experience working in the entertainment and music industry. These connections allow WEC to tailor a promotional campaign that not only highlights the talent overseas, but create a marketing campaign for the venue and merchandising revenue.



Depending on the movie and the amount of money invested, movies is one of the best investments you can make. There are a growing number of investment opportunities for private investors and companies in the film/TV industry.  Our Team at WEC welcome seasoned investors, and newcomers to investing in film projects. We offer a wide variety of projects with excellent Return On Investment (ROI) and with different options and terms suited for each individual investor.

Our slate of movie/TV projects is ever-growing. You may choose one or more of our projects that we have from a constantly updating list of acquisitions.  Are you looking for a smaller scale indie movie or a high budget potential blockbuster movie?   WEC has it all, and we are confident that we can match every investor with an interesting project for their investment needs. 


                      “Quality Entertainment Talent At Your Fingertips”