WORLDWIDE ENTERTAINMENT CONSULTANTS (WEC) is a collective with access to the most in-demand talent in music, worldwide.  We present opportunities for the artists to extend their brand abroad; from MERCHANDISING, PERFORMANCES, APPEARANCES and TELEVISED PROFILE pieces exclusive to the INTERNATIONAL MARKET.

We have consultants with solid connections and experience working in the Entertainment and Music Industry.  These connections allow WEC to tailor a promotional campaign that not only highlights the talent overseas, create a marketing campaign for the venue and merchandising revenue.

WEC is able to secure the artist and negotiate the terms of the appearance, and go to contract, thereby bypassing the tedious process of securing promoters and reaching out to individual agents.  As intermediaries we secure the artists you want performing in your stadiums, theaters, theme parks and other venues.  You will also get additional revenue from sales of their approved merchandise.  WEC is your go to for all your popular artist premiere events.